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Young River have been a strong musical force since entering the east coast music scene in 2009. Based out of Halifax, the band has showcased their sound in venues all over the Maritimes. Having shared stages with artists like Hawksley Workman, The Novaks, and The Balconies, the band’s recognition is growing quickly. Their unique sound shows the influence of such bands as the Constantines, Attack In Black, and The Arkells. Their self-titled debut album has been nominated for two Music Nova Scotia awards in 2012, and the band’s songwriter/guitarist, Zach MacLean has been nominated for MNS’s Musician of the Year. With their sophomore album in the works, the band’s momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

“They easily win you over on enthusiasm alone.” – TO Snob

“What I have for you here is a group that has some serious kick”

“It’s that modern revival of sound” – The Album Drop on CHUO

“It’s got some raunchy rock oriented grooves and interludes, some country flavor and a lot of individuality.”

“I don’t think it’d take much stretch of the imagination to foresee a band like Young River going on to enjoy some serious mainstream success without conforming to a generic 3-chord, power-pop sound that’s found in so much of today’s radio play” – Noisography